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Anna Forrest Hay

Treasurer & Secretary

Farhat Rasheed
(Standing down - election pending)
CEM Board / BAEM Executive Committee & Merger Board

Romila Bahl
(Standing down - election pending)
Website Co-ordinator Dan Strong

CEM trainee representatives

Training Standards Committee

Education & Examination CommitteeJames
Research & Publications Committee

BAEM trainee representatives

Clinical Effectiveness CommitteeAbel Wakai

Other Organization Links

BMA Central Consultants' & Specialists' Committee

Regional Council Representatives

Armed Forces
Ian Gurney
East Anglia Deanery
London - North Thames DeaneryMaisse Farhan
London - South Thames DeaneryTBC
Northern DeaneryJason Urron
North Western DeaneryIan Crawford

Northern Ireland DeaneryTBC
Oxford DeaneryVictoria
Republic of Ireland DeaneryTBC
South-east Scotland DeaneryAlice Murray
South Western (Peninsula) DeaneryTBC
Trent DeaneryTBC
Welsh DeaneryTBC
Wessex DeaneryTBC
West Midlands DeaneryShewli Rahman
Yorkshire DeaneryTBC

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