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BAEM - International Meetings

In 1991, the Association, along with the American College of Emergency Physicians (, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians ( and the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine ( founded the International Federation for Emergency Medicine. Since then more and more countries with Emergency Medicine as a recognised discipline have joined its fold.

International meetings are held on a biennial basis; the 1st, in 1986, was held in London, UK; the 2nd (Brisbane, Australia 1988); the 3rd (Toronto, Canada 1990); the 4th (Washington, USA (1992); the 5th (London, UK 1994); the 6th (in Sydney, Australia 1996); the 7th (Vancouver, Canada 1998); the 8th (Boston, USA 2000); the 9th (Edinburgh, UK 2002); the 10th (Cairns, Australia 2004); the 11th (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2006); the 12th (San Francisco, USA in 2008); the 13th (Singapore in 2010); the 14th (Republic of Ireland 2012).

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