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Forum For Associate Specialists And Staff Grades In Emergency Medicine (FASSGEM)

FASSGEM has an elected executive committee supported by a system of elected regional representatives who work together to achieve the aims of the organisation, which can be summarised as:

1. To provide a structured system for the provision of support and information to SAS doctors within Emergency Medicine.

2. To lobby within the profession and also politically for improvements in the working conditions and remuneration for SAS doctors.

3. To participate in discussions relating to the reform of the SAS grades, ensuring that the Emergency Medicine perspective is given the prominence that it deserves in such discussions.

4. To organise both an annual conference and a one day meeting with educational and medico-political content.

5. To promote the organisation of a series of regional and other local meetings specifically for SAS doctors in Emergency Medicine, to facilitate �Peer Group� support and the development of local systems to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for SAS medical staff.

Dr Andrew Newton
Chair of FASSGEM

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