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  • Providing emergency medical services to patients is not just a job; it is a service to one’s community. Emergency medical services in the UK remain an important facet of comprehensive medical care, and Britain is committed to providing affordable universal health care services to citizens. Emergency medical care includes patient care in the community, during transport to hospital and upon arrival at a care facility. Because these medical emergencies are time-sensitive, it must be easy for patients to access emergency medical services. Response and treatment delays can cause undesired outcomes, so streamlined care is of the utmost importance.

When a medical emergency occurs, people call for assistance. Emergency medical services respond to calls to help people who are acutely ill or injured. These illnesses or injuries might include issues such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, difficulty breathing, a fall, a car accident, drowning or a drug overdose. When a call is placed to 999, a dispatcher receives the call. This dispatcher has special training for taking these incoming calls and gathering information. In some cases, the dispatcher may even assist the caller with care instructions while emergency responders are on their way to the scene. In the community and en route to hospital, emergency medical responders will provide basic and advanced care for patients. Emergency medical responders have training to recognise and treat life-threatening emergencies that occur in the community. This training includes performing CPR and responding to respiratory and cardiac arrest, seizures and other health emergencies. Emergency medical responders also know how to respond to traumatic injuries such as fractures, falls, burns and lacerations. Once at hospital, emergency medical staff including physicians, nurses and other technicians take over to treat patients.

Emergency medical training and education is vital for ensuring that patients receive the care they need in emergency situations. With the wide range of conditions that may present themselves, care providers must have a broad education to enable a safe and effective response to any medical issue. Emergency Medicine in the United Kingdom is committed to assisting and educating those who wish to pursue work in emergency medical services. A variety of careers are available within this field to manage injuries and acute illnesses for patients of all ages.