UK accident and emergency medicine: BAEM - Objectives and Functions

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BAEM - Objectives and Functions

The British Association for Emergency Medicine:

  • Recommends optimum standards of accommodation, facilities, equipment and supporting services for the provision of patient care and is responsible for establishing and maintaining these standards.
  • Recommends staffing norms of Emergency Departments and ensures that suitably experienced staff are available at all times.
  • Promotes publicity for accident prevention, the role of the Emergency Department and the education of the public in the principles of First Aid.
  • Co‑operates with other organisations involved in emergency care to produce a national policy on Accident and Emergency services and to advise the Department of Health on Major Disaster Planning.
  • Co-operates with the Department of Health in order to negotiate and achieve terms and conditions for medical staff and to provide guidelines for Emergency Consultant contracts.
  • Co‑operates in the training of all personnel involved in emergency care and advises on the standardisation and provision of equipment within the emergency service.
  • Maintains close operational links with ambulance services.
  • Maintains relationships with organisations involved in the practice of Emergency Medicine in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  • Maintains close links with other professional organisations so that advances in other specialties may be applied to patients within the Emergency Department.
  • Promotes research into all aspects of Emergency Medicine.
  • Maintains close operational links with professional organisations providing Immediate Care.
  • Maintains a close liaison with the General Practitioner to secure the appropriate use of each facility.
  • Aims to improve operational links with Community, Medical, Nursing and Social Services.
  • Seeks to improve liaison with Industrial Accident Services.
  • Protects and promotes the professional interests of its members.

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